Board of Directors

Tularosa Basin Historical Society,  Board of Directors

The TBHS Board of Directors is responsible to the members of the society. Please inform any member of your questions and concerns. A Board meeting is normally held every month and a General Membership meeting every quarter.

President Rick Miller, DVM
Vice President Elizabeth Padilla
Treasurer Brad Shelton
Recording Secretary Dolores Rodgers
Corresponding Secretary Wayne Mattson
Program Chair Shirley Rabon
Member at Large Will Beacht
Member at Large Bob Callaway
Member at Large Zeke Castro
Member at Large Clif Mcdonald
Member at Large David Towsend
Museum Curator Dawn Santiago
Tularosa Basin Historical Society – Past Presidents 
·  Frances Godley   (1964) ·  Carl Reed  (1965-1967) ·  Faris E. McDermaid   (1968-1973)
·  J.A. McRae  (1974-1975) ·  Eddie Abeyta  (1976-1977) ·  Murray Morgan  (1978)
·  Mel Wall  (1979) ·  Terry Benson  (1980-1986) ·  Jessie Badore (1996-1997)
·  Les Guardado  (1997-1998) ·  Lee Gren  (1998-1999) ·  Bill Lockart  (1999-2000)